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Did you know you can use your smartphone to film great videos!

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I offer a range of video services designed with the needs of solo-entrepreneurs in mind.

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Nice things people are saying!

~ Video coaching client, and list building expert, Andrea Beltrami
~ Video coaching client, and color expert, Laura Brzegowy OpenToTheDream.wordpress.com

Bea“Before I started Julie’s program I felt confused and overwhelmed about being visible, and about starting to market my message on my website via videos.

I was fearful and unsure of how to start and what to do next, which stopped me from moving forward and taking advantage of great opportunities in marketing my message.

As I started going through Julie’s program, I felt more and more confident as she provided insights and strategies about overcoming my fears, what equipment to use, and how to shape my persona on video.

I was completely taken by the additional information she provided that I didn’t even know I needed.

I know that making videos will be an essential part of connecting with my audience and build the “know, like and trust factor” in my business, and I am forever grateful to now have the tools and strategies about how to be effective and entertaining on camera. Thank you, Julie!”

~ Video coaching client, and life design expert, Bea Solya  StrongElegantAndWise.com


“Before joining Julie’s program, I felt intimidated by video, overwhelmed by the tech aspect, and immobilized by the new learning curve. I knew that video was something that I wanted to do more of and incorporate into my business, but I had no idea where to start.

Hiring Julie was the best move I could have made! She is patient, compassionate, and fun to work with, as she brings such a playful and accessible way to learn and improve my skills.She guides you with the perfect balance of love and challenge.

I now have a whole new skill set and feel well-equipped and empowered to accomplish all of my video goals at this stage in my business. Thank you, Julie!”

~ Video coaching client, and fitness and personal development coach, Salona Carlisle, SalonaCarlisle.com

Andrea“Without Julie and her infectious zest for living life vibrantly and her amazing, customized and genuine coaching I’d still be hiding in the shadows terrified of video, losing one opportunity after another.


I still struggle with my “stage fright” at times, but when I do I use Julie’s words, exercises and advice to power me right through those moments of paralysis and back into my groove of vibrancy.

I wish I could keep her all to myself but she’s too damn brilliant and special not to share her with the world. Thanks doesn’t begin to describe my gratitude, but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Julie!

~ Video coaching client, and list building expert, Andrea Beltrami

Laura“When I decided that video was important to getting my message out into the world, I naturally turned to Julie.

I’d watched many of Julie’s videos and truly admired her lighthearted, yet authentic, way of presenting content and knew that she could teach me the foreign concepts of video making.

Julie made the entire process fun and simple. I was taught simple ways to relax in front of the camera, how to shoot video from the type of recording device to the actual lighting as well as editing to ensure my videos look beautiful.

I feel a huge burden has been taken off my shoulders by enrolling in Julie’s program, because I now understand each of the steps to making a great video. I no longer fear the process and have complete faith that any video I make in the future will have the maximum amount of impact possible.

Working with Julie was a no-brainer because she taught me the ins and outs of video making while helping me become more aware of how important this media is today.

If given the chance, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again!”

~ Video coaching client, and color expert, Laura Brzegowy

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